HAMMER AND TONGUES AFRICA HOLDINGS is a wholly owned Zimbabwean holding company with subsidiaries in Zambia. The core businesses of the organisation are in the auctioneering, real estate and online/e-commerce industries.


Hammer & Tongues, founded in 1999, came into existence as a maverick brand connecting the ordinary person with mainstream auctioneering services. Exceptional service, personalised brand experience and the ability to connect with people from all walks of life endeared the brand into the hearts of its customers and propelled it into a household name within a short space of time.

Armed with this unique positioning, the brand grew exponentially spreading into the Matebeleland region, establishing a branch in Bulawayo before going across the borders into Lusaka, Zambia.

Over the years Hammer and Tongues has grown from the start-up focus of auctineering to the now diversified portfolio that spans across majors sectors of the economy. Armed with a vision to conquer the world we have been asked if a company founded in Zimbabwe is ready to take on the world’ To this we answer, is the world ready for us?

The drive to offer customers one-stop-home-grown solutions led the brand to diversify into real estate, micro-finance and e-commerce. Spurred with a drive to provide unparralled world-class services in every market we operate; we continue to expand across business sectors


    • To conquer the world



    • We provide fast, effective and competitive world class profitable solutions in the markets we serve for the benefit of all our stakeholders.



Integrity  –  Honest and openness

Innovation  –  Always ahead, creative and exciting

Excellency   –  Exceptional ability superior service and reliability

People   –  Our partners for life

Passion  –  What drives us to deliver

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