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The Shield Sheen Natural Strawberry, is a spray with a natural strawberry flavour. It is used for protecting the interior surfaces of the car, especially the vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces, from discoloration, fading and cracking.

Benefits of using Shield Sheen:

  1. Provides an Ultra-Violet Shield:

It protects dashboards, seats and rubber surfaces, with an anti-static film, which repels dust and dirt as well as providing an ultraviolet shield.

  1. Matt-finished surfaces remain Matt:

It can easily remove grey haze and still maintain the beautiful matt look of your dashboard.

  1. Multi-Purpose Use:

Shield Sheen is multi purpose hence it can be used in trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, outdoor furniture and vinyl upholstered furniture.

  1. Provides Superior Performance and Protection:

It is made from high-quality plant and wax components, which form a protective film that prevents further soiling and thus keeps your interior neat, for a long time. Furthermore, it does not leave any residual waste on plastic or glass surfaces of your car.

  1. It Leaves a Fresh Scent:

This sheen spray, is highly effective and gentle and it also exudes a pleasant scent that will give you great satisfaction, even several days after its application.

How to Use:

Before use, shake the shield sheen can first and then apply it onto a dry, clean cloth and distribute it evenly over the surface to be treated. Then polish it with a dry cloth, until a gloss shine has been achieved.

Please note that, contact of the sheen spray with the steering wheel and the control pedals, might cause them to be slippery, so it is best to exercise caution, when it comes to these areas.

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